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The Jerusalem Countertop

Countertops are kitchen showpieces that show off the environmental sensibilities and personal style of the home owner. Because this is where meals our prepared, the health effects and environmental concerns are crucial factors when choosing which counter tops are used in the household.

No, countertops has no effect on the planet. The materials that are used to construct kitchen countertops have environmental and health attributes. It is very, very important to check out the pros and cons of the materials that will be used before purchasing kitchen countertops.

Jerusalem Stone Countertops are made from different kinds of materials. Because of this, home owners have a variety when choosing which one to get for their houses. One example is concrete. These are highly durable countertops that can easily withstand heat. The concrete counters, however, must be occasionally sealed so that the stains, water damages and bacterial growth are limited.

Another popular material used for Jerusalem Stone countertops is glass tile. Glass tiles are environmentally friendly as opposed to ceramics. These have 100 percent recycled content. Sintering, or the process called for recycling glass into tiles consume less energy than making new tiles from virgin materials.

Finally, paper composites are also used to make Jerusalem Stone countertops. These are fibers that have been impregnated with resin. Paper composite handles heat well and are very durable. The material does not nick easily and the colors resist staining. This is because the resin comes from recycled sources.

Jerusalem Stone is a well-known brand when it comes to manufacturing countertops. This is because the materials previously mentioned are the elements used in producing countertops that are made available to home owners.

Counter Tops

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