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Local Company Offers Famous Material of Holy City
By Larry Hankin
Intermountain Jewish News Associate Editor


Visitors to Jerusalem are often struck by the city’s architecture. Buildings in the old City and in modern Jerusalem comprise a fascinating juxtaposition of ancient structures and contemporary edifices. While the buildings style very greatly, they all have one common element stone.

All building in Jerusalem – by city of ordinance – are constructed of “Jerusalem Stone? the golden mineral that gives the holy city its unforgettable glow. It was used to build David’s City of Jerusalem 3,000 years ago, and it is still used to build all the homes, offices and establishments in the new and old cities of Jerusalem.

The beauty and emotions of Jerusalem Stone can be as close of the title in one’s own kitchen, as this building material is now available in the US and distributed in Denver.

Denverite, Gill Lobel opened The Jerusalem Stone Co., 6 months ago. Lobel imports stone directly in Israel. His clients include home and business owners, contractors, and religious institutions.

Geologically speaking, Jerusalem Stone is a dolomite, which falls into the calcareous stone are marble, travertine, and limestone, all currently popular building materials.

“Jerusalem Stone tiles fit in kitchens, bathrooms, entryways, dining room, synagogues, sacred spaces and many other uses, including outside walks, walls, countertops “ Lobel says.

The tile is tree-quarters of an inch thick,  so it “extremely strong and durable? he notes. “The stone has stood the test of time in Jerusalem. It also help insulate a room.?

Jerusalem Stone also produce hand made trim from Jerusalem for baseboards and backsplashes.

Nobel is a native from Australia who came to the US in 1992 and attended the University of Hartford, Conn., where he received a degree in Business Management. After college he lived in Tel Aviv, where he worked for a commodities trading firm, and New York where he was vice president of private client services for an investment bank.

In 2000, Lobel returned to Israel, where he meets his wife, Denverite Rebecca Wartell.

The Lobels moved to Denver in 2002, where Gill has been in the home remodeling and materials imports industry. He also teaches Hebrew High and his wife Rebecca is the director of Center Religion and Public Life at DU. They have 19-month old daughter Maya.

Joining Lobel in this new Venture in Steven Glickman phD. Principal of Hebrew High.

“I was awestruck by the beauty of Jerusalem Stone the first time I Visited in Israel in 1999? Glickman says.

“For years I’ve been educating teen-agers about Israel, both in the classroom and in the country itself. Now I have the opportunity to help support the Israeli economy and bring a bit of Israel’s abine into the daily lives of Americans.?

“We plant a tree in Israel for every client who purchases the tile? Lobel told the IJN. “Whatever we take out of the ground in stone, we try to return in trees.?

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